Care has been taken to ensure that Cordia residents’ desires to live independently, pursue passions, and connect with their community are met with ample opportunity. To complement our expansive curriculum and your experience of day-to-day living, we’ve built within Cordia a multitude of first-rate amenities.

A Comprehensive, Integrated Wellness Program
Our Wellness Program affords residents a high level of independence–one that requires no reliance on help from friends, neighbors, or family, but rather some discreet, well-planned assistance. Be it simple reminders that there is medicine to take during the day, a desire to have your apartment straightened up each day, or a preference for having all your laundry done for you. Our Assisted Living program is staffed 24 hours a day by Certified Nursing Aides supervised by a Registered Nurse.

Apartment Choice
The 116 apartments at Cordia Senior Residence are offered on a rental basis. Monthly fees include a beautifully appointed apartment and a full complement of programs, services and amenities. A variety of apartment types and service packages are available to meet the differing requirements of our residents.


    • The welcoming atmosphere of an intimate community which fosters new friendships.

    • Comfortable, state of the art common rooms which support an active lifestyle and invite residents to socialize with one another.

    • A rich program and social calendar that makes every day interesting.

    • Scheduled transportation to local shopping, programs and doctor’s appointments in our town car and accessible van. 

    • Three meals available daily in our restaurant-style dining room.

    • Weekly housekeeping services that remove the chores of daily living.

    • Apartments with full kitchens for those times a private meal is desired.
    • The safety of an emergency response system in each apartment and life safety systems located throughout the building.

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