At the heart of our Management Team is:

Karen Anderson,

President and CEO

The founder of Cordia, Ms. Anderson provides the strategic vision and leadership for all facets of the business. Ms. Anderson has over twenty five years experience in providing services to seniors in residential environments, both in the United States and abroad. It is from her deep understanding of seniors that Cordia's mission statement and core values evolved. Ms. Anderson has demonstrated experience in leading organizations and their constituents to the collective achievement of strategic goals.

Eustace Theodore, PhD

Vice President, Organizational and Business Development

Dr. Theodore is responsible for developing new business opportunities for the company. In this role his focus is to align Cordia's innovative approach to the delivery of active and engaged lifestyles for seniors with partners and investors seeking to realize the benefit of this unique approach. Dr. Theodore served as the primary architect behind our signature Cordia CurriculumSM and has been instrumental in its successful implementation at Cordia Communities. Dr. Theodore has a proven track record in coaching organizations to better actualize their articulated vision and organizational goals.

Anne Tobin,

Vice President, Human Resources

Ms. Tobin is responsible for ensuring that all Cordia employees work in an environment that promotes teamwork, supports personal growth, encourages creativity and recognizes individual contributions. In this role she serves as a resource to all of our people. Ms. Tobin's breadth and depth of experience in providing training and recognition in service and wellness businesses allows Cordia to develop and maintain a service-oriented culture at all of our locations.

Thomas Trometer, CPA,

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Trometer is responsible for the financial management of Cordia's operations. In this role he provides oversight for the financial management at our individual retirement residences, directs the corporate treasury function, and establishes the protocols and standards for our client reporting. Mr. Trometer's extensive experience with small, innovative, pioneering companies, makes him uniquely qualified to serve as the Chief Financial Officer for Cordia.

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